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Ryan Osborne - Technology Consultant

Hello, that's me!

Business is a game, absolutely. Those that know how to play it are at the right place at the right time and build a network of successful people around them have the best outcomes. Leadership is more than a learned skill, it is a personal characteristic. I've seen great leaders and I've seen horrible leaders. One infallible fact I have learned is that no business can succeed with weak leadership. One of my all time favorite quotes is: "Leadership is serious meddling in other people's lives." -Max DePree

I love to see how technology can be leveraged in the real world. I think I have a knack for it. I want to hear about your business, what makes it great, and what is keeping you up at night. I can help or at the very least get you connected to the right people.

What I do.


Large to small I have custom software development teams ready to develop to your company's needs.


Needing help with long term strategic planning? Team building? Budgeting?

Process Design

From operational process designs to metric based implementation, I can help you and your team succeed.


Think of me as an extra set of hands. Helping you hit your goals on-time and on-budget.

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Why Ryan?

Joseph Loria

VP of Customer Success

"Ryan is the rare technology leader who gets not just the technical side but the business side as well. Ryan attacks every tactical and strategic problem with an amazingly well-rounded perspective. Not only does he get infrastructure, architecture, and product development, he has a keen and insightful understanding of budget, cash, and P&L management. This is what makes Ryan such an ideal partner in a technology venture. Combine those skills with his superb coaching and team-building focus with staff, and you have one powerful technology executive."

Jason Smith

Senior Account Executive

"I have known and worked with Ryan for quite some time. In all aspects of work and personal life Ryan is a #1 performer. His drive, passion, moral values, and professionalism is exactly what I admire the most. Ryan truly is "best in class"."

Rhonda Winter

EVP Cloud Operations and Support

"Ryan is a visionary. He develops successful technology and business roadmaps supported by sensible implementation strategies with ease. Ryan gets the value of leveraging technology for bottom line gain. His innovative application of technology has been a cornerstone to the diversity of product offerings and customer satisfaction at CIK."

Paul Champion

EVP Operations

"Ryan is one of the most talented individuals I've had the opportunity to work with in my career. Ryan's biggest strength is his ability to make strategic decisions at the highest level while also having the ability to manage and execute at the tactical level. Ryan works hard to make sure the most logical decisions are made putting the companies best interests in mind every time. Ryan thinks all the way around any given situation or challenge. Ryan has been a part of developing a number of high revenue producing software products for our client base. Whether you work for Ryan or with him you are guaranteed to grow professionally as a result."

Tiffany Foster

Systems Engineer

"I have worked for and with Ryan for over 6 years. He has a brilliant mind for business and how technology can support and drive the business on many levels. From strategic initiatives to software that supports the day to day operations, Ryan is a huge asset. As a manager, he has been invested in growing my talent and making me more of an asset to the company as well. I have the highest respect for Ryan as both a colleague and a manager."

Jessica Stephenson

VP Marketing & Talent

"Ryan has a great strategic mind and is adept at conveying how IT solutions will truly support overall business objectives. Despite his vast technical experience, he is excellent at translating the "techie" details into language that his peers and business owners alike can understand and appreciate. Ryan and I worked together at CIK from near the very beginning and as a result he is a pro at working in fast growth environments and used to wearing many, many different hats at once...all the while developing effective and affordable systems to accommodate such large-scale growth. Anyone is lucky to have the chance to meet Ryan and work alongside him!"

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